Coesfeld – A Town that Used to be a Stop for the Pilgrims

Though I covered most of the Bavarian and Rhine valley areas in my travels across Germany, I went here with Tracey with Maid Clan in Denver.  We also detoured and came to Coesfeld that is in North Rhine-Westphalia state of the country. You might feel that it is just another German town but it does have a blend of the old, medieval history along with modern districts and neighborhoods that make it worthwhile to stop by and see.

History of the Place

As I stayed a few days here and mingled with the locals, I got to know about the history of the town and how it was formed. Apparently, it was in 1197 when it got its city rights though the city does have records of earlier times such as in the writings of the bishop of Munster, St Ludger. He helped to form a church here and was born in a northern part of the city.

Coesfeld St. Jacobikirche

This ancient place was my first stop since it is stated to have been erected around the time the city was formed. Coesfled was known as a stopping place for many pilgrims as they made their way to more popular destinations on the Jakobi routes. This structure suffered damages during the WWII bombings but the surviving structure is the old doorway as well as a new church that was built in recent times.

The Way of the Cross

Bernhard von Galen was driving a counter-reform movement from here to the Dutch cities. He started a procession called Way of the Cross and 18 stations were built, of which many are still to be found in Coesfeld. I found a local guide who took me to see these remains. I also saw the Coesfeld cross that has several silver motifs hung on it as decorations.

Gerleve Abbey

This is a monastery here, of the Benedictine order that lies between Coesfeld and Billerbeck. It is a short, scenic trip and I would recommend that you visit it as well.

This town can be a stop for a brief respite and to get a glimpse into its past.

Joliet: What to Do and Where to Go?

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Nestled inside Will County, Joliet has to offer a plethora of attractions. Thus, it is going to appeal to a wide range of visitors. Whether you are traveling with family, solo, or with your partner, you are going to have a great time. Here is my list of things that you can do when you are in Joliet.

Bird Haven Greenhouse and Conservatory

This is to be found in Pilcher Park. It covers an area of 630 acres. I found beautiful flowers in the conservatory and greenhouse. You will be surprised to know that many of these have also won an award. If you want to learn more about the place, you can take a guided tour. Walking around the facilities and learning more the flora and fauna was a great experience.

Historical Museum

As I wanted to learn more about the city, I visited the Historical Museum of Joliet Area. There is an extensive range of exhibits which will inspire you to learn more about history. Every now and then, new exhibits are added to the museum exhibits.

Splash Station Waterpark

Are you planning to cool off a bit? Try out the Splash Station Waterpark. There are several water-based attractions which include some great rides. I had great fun there. You can also just take a dip and relax. Have food in the different dining options that are available when you get hungry.

Hollywood Casino

In case you are feeling a bit lucky and want to win some money, you should take a trip to this casino. There are more than 1000 poker and slot games to be enjoyed here. Well, I prefer table games like blackjack or roulette. Live poker is organized on a daily basis at the casino.

Visit Jacksonville to Enjoy its Sandy Beaches

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The city Jacksonville is present in North Eastern part of Florida. This is the place where Saint John’s River and the Atlantic Ocean meet. This city has got all its beauty because of these two. I got the opportunity to be in Jacksonville for a week and here I am sharing what I like most in the city so that when you plan your vacation in Jacksonville, you don’t waste your time in hovering for accommodation and hot places to visit.

I went to a number of places in Jacksonville, some of them I like most, which I am listing here. At first, I would recommend, if you are planning a vacation to the city, get your accommodation book before landing here, especially when it is the peak time.

Amelia Island

This Island is a sea Island chain of Barrier Island, which is present in the Atlantic ocean of Florida, United States. The island has seen the rule of French, Spanish, American and British for many years and therefore, you will see a mixed culture here. The main attraction of Amelia Island is luxury resorts, clean Sandy and not crowded beaches. In addition to this, you will enjoy the number of adventure and water activities here.

Zoo and Garden Jacksonville

I like this garden and zoo a lot because of its scenic beauty. The zoo and garden are present at the mouth of the trout river that gives it all its beauty. The park is spread in 170 acres area and has more than 2000 animals in it. The garden has a huge collection of plant and there are over 1000 plants present here.

Cummer Museum of Art and Garden

This place is a perfect combination of art and garden. The Museum has a fantastic art collection of Ninah Cummer, who bequeathed her art and garden to this museum.

Kathryn Abbey Hanna Park

If you are a beach lover, Jacksonville is the place for you. The city has plenty of beaches, Abbey Hannah Park is also a public beach and there is a park next to it.

Irvine: Make the Most of Your Weekend Trip

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Irvine, the city situated between San Joaquin Hills and Loma Ridge. I planned a weekend trip to this city. The best part about the city is its weather. It is the ideal weekend destination for families, as well as couples. There are so many things to do in here that you are never going to run out of options. Here are some the best attractions you can check out when you are in Irvine.

Get a Glimpse of Orange County from the Sky

The primary attraction of Orange County is a Great Park Balloon. I took a ride in this and the experience was ethereal. The balloon will rise up to 400 feet and you can catch a glimpse of the entire city. This activity should definitely be on your list if you are not afraid of heights. The orange color of the balloon will make it look like the rising sun during the morning and harvest moon during the night.

Go Shopping at Irvine Spectrum Center

Do you love to shop? You should add Irvine Spectrum Center to your list. There are over 400 boutique shops and cinema along with some attractive dining options. I shopped to my heart’s content here. The primary attraction of the shopping center is the Giant Wheel is 108 ft. high. A ride on the wheel gives me an entirely different perspective of the whole area. Even though you can take a ride of the wheel any time at night, it is particularly beautiful during the night time.

UCI Arboretum Botanical Garden

In case you love plants and want to know more about them then you should take a walk through UCI Arboretum. It is open through Tuesday to Saturday. You do not have to pay any entrance fee. I loved taking a walk around this botanical garden.

Huston – A City That Delivers Knowledge

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Houston is the biggest city in the U.S. state of Texas. In terms of population, the city comes in fourth in number. The population of the city is over 2.312 million. The city is linked with the Space Center Houston (SCH); it is the center for a coastal visitor at astronaut training and flight control complex of NASA. In my knowledge, I found that this city is quite compact and full of attractions. Some of the famous spots in the city include theater District, Houston Grand Opera, and 19th-century architecture along with numbers of restaurants offering delicious food.

Personally, I found this city, really interesting and full of knowledge. I recommend every travel lover to visit Huston at least once to enjoy its beauty. Some of the places that I liked most are;

Space Center Huston

You must have heard about this place from a friend or people around you who love traveling or have been to Huston before. So, I think; you should start your trip to the city from this place itself, just like me. I enjoyed everything looking here, I got so much information about space astronaut, etc. that now I have developed an interest in learning science. Talk about Huston, then it is the top center for learning space and. It is the official space center of NASA has visitor center Smithsonian and Houston affiliate museum.

Huston Zoo

After Space Centre Houston I made my way to Huston zoo. The reason why I went to that place is I got to know lots of things about this. The zoo didn’t disappoint me and now I recommend everyone to visit this zoo with friends and family at least once.

Johnson Space Center

The center is wonderful to know about space science and NASA work. It is knowledgeable to be here

Munich – A Fantastic Weekend Getaway

Munich is the capital city of Bavaria in Germany.  The city is an important center of German art and culture. In 2018, it was titled as the most liveable city in the world by the Monocle’s Quality of Life Survey. The city is home to several historic landmarks, cultural monuments, art museums, and classic theatres. My brief stay in Munich was quite adventurous and a few amazing places worth visiting are mentioned below.

  • English Garden

English Garden is a beautiful urban park built on a 900-acre land at the center of Munich. The park was opened in the year 1789 and over the centuries the place has developed into one of the largest public parks in the world. There are a few lakes and a river that runs through the park. The park is quite spacious and tourists often engage in surfing and boating activities. The landscapes are very picturesque with groves of tall trees and natural gardens. Some of the popular sites in the park are the Steinerne Bank, the Chinese Tower, the Japanese Teahouse, and the Kleinhesseloher Lake.

  • Nymphenburg Palace

Popularly known as the ‘Castle of the Nymphs’, the Baroque palace of Nymphenburg used to be the summer residence of Bavarian rulers. The palace was established in 1675 and is considered as one of the finest examples of Baroque architecture. The place is most known for its 490-acre park, which was originally an Italian garden in the 17th century. The park has many beautiful sculptures, pavilions, and fountains. There are also a few historic museums that exhibit lots of interesting relics that date back to several centuries.

  • Asam Church

Even though there are many points of interest in Munich, you won’t find cultural attractions like the Asam Church that easily. Located on the Sendlinger Street, the chapel is considered as an important structure of German Late Baroque. The architecture and the interior design of the church are exquisitely beautiful and made of hidden ceiling paintings and ornate sculptures. Undoubtedly, it was an out-of-the-world experience for me.

Tours: The City You Need To Be In

Have you ever imagined a city that is so out of the ordinary from the normal ones around you? How about spending a week in such a place? Once you visit Tours, France then just like us, you will not want to leave such a beautiful history with amazing historical attractions, vineyards, and streets that resemble an antique era. It all starts from the road that leads to Tours, and when we started the journey from Paris, we knew that something worthwhile is waiting for us. This city is full of cathedrals, museums and natural beauty spots where you can catch the best countryside life in France, while also enjoying the waters of the Loire River that flows very close by.

The places to visit in Tours are

  • The Tours Cathedral

It is an 18th century cathedral, which will strike you as soon as you spot it across the road. Although the template of this cathedral is not very different from the other ones you find in other cities, the interior and the sheer finery in architecture is enough to mesmerize you for a while. Once you step inside, you will be treated in the way of art in the 16-18th century era and the panels that are fitted across from the cathedral each has a story to tell.

  • The Museum of Art

If you are looking for pieces from the Revolution or from the era of the Vikings, then stop here. We are sure you will love this place even if you are not a lover of art. It houses more than a thousand pieces of carefully collected artwork that has been a microcosm of European art for a long time now.

We recommend you to visit Tours for at least 5 days so that you can get enough time to cover each of its hundred attractions.

Toulouse: This Engineering Capital Of The World Is Also A Beauty

Toulouse is the main city of the southern region in the country France and is divided river is very close to the border with Spain.

Toulouse is also known as the Pink City of Europe due to the many buildings there made of terra-cotta. Almost every building in the city is pink, giving us a photogenic view all around. 

Places to visit


  • Church Of The Jacobins 


The relics of Thomas Aquinas, one of the great thinkers of the medieval period are also found in this church.


  • A Warm City


Toulouse is as warm as its weather: always pleasant year-round welcoming tourists.


  • Festive All Year Round


Toulouse is known for its festivity and its dynamism; one would love to spend the summer evenings here that is lively.


  • Air And Space


The Toulouse is known for its manufacturing industries of Airbus, so the Aeroscopia Museum and the Cite De Espace is a must visit whether or not you are related to aviation.


  • A Sporty City


Toulouse loves sports, especially rugby. The Stage Toulousian is the team that has been winning cups for France and Europe for a long time now.


  • The Foodie Capital


Toulouse is perfect for foodies who look for richness in history. You must try Cassoulet, Toulouse Sausage, Garbure, Croquants, when you are in Toulouse.


  • The Cathedral


Although the cathedral is not as popular as the Jacobin Church and the Bascilia, it is still advisable to visit this place once. 

Whether you want to simply stare at the skies or pass through the Canal du Midi over the river or explore the inventions of the Science; Toulouse provides everything that you can look for. Pack your bags and take a big jump to Toulouse. Have a safe journey. It is recommended though that you stay here for a week.

Vila Nova De Gaia Is The City Of Ports And Cellars Enjoy It

The Vila Nova de Gaia is famous for two things ports and cellars. The cellars are the place where wines are stored, in the city, the fortified wines are transported from the East and it is stored in warehouses. Some warehouses are open for visitors, so you don’t miss the chance to see the wine warehouse when you are here.

The other important things that you should not miss include the port of the city. I liked this port very much. It is next to Vila Nova de Gaia when you will reach here, you will find tones of wine here waiting to get loaded and unloaded. The people working on the port are following this practice for hundreds of years.

  • After exploring the port, I went to port lodges, there are many in Vila Nova de Gaia and open for visitors. Here you can see different types of port like white, vintage, tawny and crusted. Some of the good port lodges you can consider are Sandeman, Graham’s, Calem, and Quinto Do Noval.

  • Mosteiro da Serra do Pilar this site is the world heritage site of Porto and one of very famous.  The monastery belongs to the 16 century. It is wonderful and worth visiting place.

  • Teleferico de Gaia, this is the cable car that takes you to port lodges and warehouses and meanwhile, you get a fascinating view of the river, bridge, and cityscape.

  • The other places where I visited during my tour to the city and enjoyed include Casa-Museu Teixeira Lopes, the trip of the river Douro, then the Dom Luis I Bridge.

  • It took two days to cover all the spots; in between I enjoyed the food of Vila Nova de Gaia. Visit the local market to have some authentic food of the place.

Melbourne: Explore The Best Of Australia In Melbourne

Melbourne, the capital of Australia situated by the Yarra over is an amazing travel destination. It is one of the richest and most populous cities of the world.

We visited Melbourne in September as the airfare was lesser and moderate weather and tourists were an added advantage. Other best times to visit Melbourne as per locals are March, May and November. We stayed at the Hotel Causeway, which costed us $491 per room per day. The central suburbs of Carlton and Fitzroy are quite busy and vibrant. In painted alleys and laneways around Rose Street in Fitzroy is a feast to the eyes.

Places to visit

Do marvel the art at the national gallery of Victoria (NGV) located in Southbank and Docklands, Heide Museum of Modern art and Justin Art House Museum. We loved the joyous ride by the City tram. Jazz lovers should not miss the Bird’s Basement jazz club in the center of Melbourne where local and international musicians do their gigs.

Melbourne is the coffee capital of Australia. Don’t miss the coffee shops and local bakeries with world’s best baristas.

Our kids loved the Melbourne Zoo and Werribee Open range zoo. Also, the royal botanical gardens in the South Yarra are a must visit. T desserts at the Zumba were delicious. Lune Croissanterie is a highly recommended restaurant, but let me warn about the queues beforehand. If you wish to try Lebanese food, then head to Rumi. There are various rooftop bars in Melbourne like Madame Brussels, Naked in the sky in Fitzroy and Rooftop bar in the Curtin house in the city center.

We shopped a lot at the Camberwell Sunday market, which had around 300 stalls. As told by our travel guide, we reached there at early morning and bargained with all our might. This market just runs from 6:30am to 12:30pm. To shop creative, artistic stuff, go to the Rose street artist market, which are held on weekends.